Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inoue Bunta's Rabbit Metamorphose

We are accepting phone orders now for items from our current gallery, Inoue Bunta's Rabbit Metamorphose.

Please contact us at 03-6380-6521 and provide us with the item you'd like.
Please refer to the number listed with the pictures here.

Matsuge Usagi (Eyelash Rabbit) comes with the little birdie, base and grass, and autographed.
Approx. 8.5 cm tall, ABTC/ABS vinyl, 8,925 yen (shipping is not included)

Yotsumimi Usagi (Four eared rabbit) comes with base and grass, and autographed.
Approx. 10 cm tall, ABTC/ABS vinyl, 9,975 yen

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