Thursday, June 11, 2009

Starting June 18th...

Sakabashira Imiri gallery will be ending soon...

Coming up next is "KAIJIN KAIJU" gallery, starting Thurs, June 18th.

For those of you living in Japan, we'll have limited edition Kaiju Blue items on sale.
#1 Tiruru 2,625 yen (Clear pink coloration)
#2 Pocl 2,625 yen (Clear blue coloration + first ever KAIJIN's ??? <--- Stay tuned!!)

Custom painting and original kaiju items will be on sale, starting the 18th as well.

Participating artists:

Starting 2005, BLObPUS' original kaiju was introduced at the Winter Wonder Festival. It was featured in "Super 7" and "GieGestalten/DOTDOTDASH". Has also participated in the "Toy Karma" exhibition. First gallery was held last November called "Ghetto" in Shin-Okubo. Has his signature metallic colorway that attracts a lot of fans.

Owner of Dead Presidents Design, Kaiju figure custom pinstriper and a custom painter. He has 15+ years experience in the car/motorcycle industry and has taken his mad painting skills to the kaiju industry and became a custom kaiju painter as well.

President of Max Toy Company, and an illustrator. The two things Mark is passionate about: Ultraman toys and art. After doing freelancing illustration for 10 years, he started Max Toy Company. Getting his inspiration from Japanese toys from the 60's and 70's, Mark continues to create artwork along with his passion of toys and art.

Famous toy collector and the owner of "toyboy studios", an online japanese culture magazine, spreading the joy of toy customization.

Illustrator and a famous toy collector. His creation and toy customs have received great reviews from fans and from the toy custom industry.

Started creating vinyl toys from 2005. As their name says, they specialize in creating skull based vinyl figures. Currently, they mainly participate in events in the Tokyo area in Japan.

Also, first appearance at Kaiju Blue is "Rush"! We'll also have very limited quantities of KAIJIN's customs.

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