Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coming up...

Did you enjoy the Vatundoo gallery?

Opening May 14th is Sakabashira Imiri's "Nounai Resort Kaijiu/Yume de mita Yume" (Dream within a dream) gallery! And we'll be releasing a limited edition Kaiju Blue color "Nounai Resort Kaiju" vinyl figures by Billiken Shokai. The figures will be displayed from the 14th thru the 16th and will go on sale on the 17th (Sun) as soon as we open :) Unfortunately, the figures will be sold on a first come first serve basis and will not be taking any pre-orders.

Figures being sold are:
*Kaiju Blue Limited Color BURUGAN - 10 pcs, SRP 6,300 yen
*Kaiju Blue Limited Color PHARAOH - 10 pcs, SRP 6,300 yen
*Kaiju Blue Limited Color RIRUZE - 10 pcs, SRP 6,300 yen
*Kaiju Blue Limited Color KURITEN - 10 pcs, SRP 6,300 yen

Purchase will be limited to one design per person, maximum of 4 figures (1 per design).
Because of manufacturing issues, we will be releasing more quantities at a later time. Dates will be advised.

Sakabashira Imiri - 1 pc custom figure artists:
*Jiro Ishikawa
*Kitanya Design Factory

We will be accepting order requests soon.

Here's a sample of the kaiju figures before they're customized.
Pretty amazing!

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